Saturday, April 24, 2010

Few things I have made lately.

Okay, finally I get around taking pictures of the stuff I have been making. Here are a few of them:
This took me around 2 years to finish, not because it was that complicated, but because I just am too louse to finish what I start.... I AM NOT sure if I like it, or where I'll use it, but well, it is finally finished!!!

This little lady was finished in two days flat!! And I liked her a lot, and incredibly, I even had some use for her, and put her on a TV cover, but when the cover was relegated to some forgotten corner, I took her out so that I can use her somewhere. She's still looking for some appropriate place for herself... Any ideas?

Here are a few shadow work stuff I did. I haven't completely finished the entire piece yet, but I like the parts of it that are finished! :)

They are not perfect I know, but I kind of like them...

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