Thursday, December 16, 2010

My baby is missing her mom

Well, for the first time in her life, Ginger is away from Bulbul and for the first week, she didn't like it one bit and most times this is how I found her...

With no Bulbul to trouble, she stuck to me ALL THE TIME. In fact she wouldn't go out for walks if I was not there beside her. Even now, her bed is right next to mine and every 5 min or so she raises her head to check if I'l still here. My mom says, when she can't find me, there's an extensive search launched in the house and when she doesn't find me, she sits on the terrace looking at the road waiting....

It is just so endearing. But was thinking, if ever I had a human doing this to me, even if it were my own child, I'll probably label them clingy and just simply run away!! But this mutt, she's my baby!! In fact, my mom was so surprised to see me care for her the way I do. Knowing how I am, zero patience and irritable, it is actually surprising even to me that I have stood at one spot for 45 min, while potty training her, and cleaning after her, whenever she had an accident at home, and not shouting at her!! Well, I must admit though, I did hit her and shouted at her when she was young. I'm not too proud of the fact. And yes I did lose my cool many times. But she never lost her trust in me. Even after being hit, whenever I called, she used to come right back. Contrary to what dog trainers tell you - 'A dog once hit will be scared of you and not come back to you' Not that I am advocating hitting a dog. Quite the contrary. The dog just learns to be scared, nothing else, she doesn't learn what you want her to. I have had more success training her by just waving a piece of meat in front of her nose and repeating what I want her to do, than I ever had by shouting.
And she's such a sweetheart. When I wake up in the morning, she is just so happy to see me up! And when I come back home, even if I'm out for just a minute, I get such a royal welcome!!! And she always looks at me for approval whenever someone wants her to do something, and whenever she's scared, she comes to me for comfort.
Suffice to say, I became a mother long before I could have kids. All through the trials and tribulations of life, through my unemployment, infertility, fights, I was never down for more than a minute, because she'd then come and nuzzle me out of depression and we'd then be out for a walk, even if it were 12 at noon. She's my personal pick me up... my first child, even though I didn't give birth to her, even though she's not human... But right now, she's missing her buddy... her mom... And two mutt look just so good together...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Knitting patterns

I have been looking for easy to read patterns that are free and not too complicated for a beginner. So here are a few sites I found brimming with patterns.
1. Lion brand Yarn website: This I like the most. The patterns are easy to understand, and achievable. Only thing is gauge, as I mentioned in an earlier post. But I guess any pattern will have the same problem...
2. Ravelry : Full of users' contributed patterns, but because of this reason, there's no standard and as a beginner I ended up looking for abbreviations and standard with every pattern I picked up, and eventually put down...
3. Berroco: Has the most glamorous looking patterns, I haven't used any of them though, coz I found them a little hard... I guess I need some more practice before I graduate to them.
4. Bernat: Again, no idea how good the patterns are, the pictures a really good though!!
5. Coats and Clarks: These are amazing amazing patterns. (सुन्दर सुन्दर ;))...
Hope you like them...

Knitting: Lesson learnt

 I have recently started knitting, and I learnt how to read patterns. Here is what I succeeded in making...  Although I am yet to figure out how to bind off so that the rib remains straight, but this turned out fine. I mean I like it... And the colour is actually a very soft violet, but I don't know why my camera couldn't catch that color. Hmm... next skill to acquire is photography!!
Here's the pattern if anyone's interested....

Now the fun part....
Every knitting pattern says 'be sure to check gauge' in big bold letters,and I always thought it's one of those useless instructions that every know-it-all gives just to show how important they are. And the result....

I ended up with booties which won't even fit a preemie. 3"X2"...
I don't know what I'll use them for... ,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long long long time....

It's been a very long time since I blogged. Not that I didn't have anything to write about. In fact, I have so much to share that I was exasperated by the sheer volume of information....
Hmm... where do I start? Ever since I wrote last, I have been on family way. And whatever anyone tells you about joys of being pregnant, don't believe them, not one bit. Apart from morning sickness, there's plenty more that women don't disclose. I discovered the 'joys' of a reduced bladder size, mood swings, cramps, ah and the dreaded bed rest. And more permanently, stretch marks, and tell tale marks of papules on my neck, that have made sure I don't wear anything beyond a high neck for a long long time. I wonder when these marks will fade....
For all those who say all this is worth it, well, I don't know about that. I look at my mom, and how I keep arguing with her, I don't think I'd like to have a child like me....and if I ever end up with one, I don't think we'll be able to survive one another. And if both of them are like me, God save my DH!!! Well, time clear things for us.
But one good thing that'll come out of this is that my life can finally proceed. It's been a long long suspension... Everything had to be postponed for the treatment, and then the expected pregnancy, which seemed to evade me. Not that I was disheartened or something, it's just inconvenient and irritating.... But well, now that's past.
Come January, there's a new phase on the cards, which my mom and a lot of others, have been scaring me about... I don't know how I'll handle two kids, a short temper, and my fixation with sleep... crazy, crazy crazy...
Only time will tell....
Till then, here's what I had been working on, and have since finished...
My SIL gifted me the kit, and it became a life saver, with this piece, I had less time to think about all the negative stuff....
And here's one more blanket I have finished. The yarn courtesy masi. It was really sweet of her to just give that to me!! And it looked a little bland so I crocheted a little border around, and added a few flowers. Here's the tutorial I used.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Can't really do much these days... so I am trying to finish this long stitch my SIL gifted me...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why the discrimination?

Today I went to Fortis La Femme for some health checkup, and there was a firang woman in front of me in the queue. Apparently she wanted to meet the same doctor as I and for the similar consultation. But she was charged Rs. 1000 when I was charged Rs. 800. Not a big difference, but a difference nonetheless.
And when I came back I checked up, how the rest of the India fares in this, and to my shock I found this is an accepted GOI policy.
Every Indian tourist site has different tickets for firangs, and sometimes the difference is so high you won't even believe it. Here's a sample: Taj Entry fee: Rs. 970 (Foreigners), Rs. 20 (Indians, during daytime),   Rs. 110 (Indians, during sunrise and sunset)
Where is the Atithi Devo Bhav feel? and what is the logic behind such discrimination? If someone in some other country did this, they almost certainly would have been termed as racist, and here in our home ground this is an accepted govt. policy.
If the Indian govt. itself is overcharging tourists like this how can they preach rest of the traders' community to treat them fair. Looks like this is where GOI is extracting money from to fund its Atithi Devo Bhav campaign where Aamir Khan extolls the virtues of being fair, and implores the audience to 'take pride in being an Indian'. Where's the fair play in this?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm back... Finally!

Well, thanks to MTNL I had taken a forced sabbatical from the net... For more than a month broadband in our area was down all thanks to some new line laying work courtesy MTNL, and as we know of such works, It took them one and a half months to finish one week's work.
Anyway, I am back now and will be updating my blog soon enuf... :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My two minutes of fame!!

Well, I want to share with you this pic. I have been a member since 2007 and this is my first 'hot' project. Yay!!
Correction, make that 15 minutes of fame!! yay!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We bought the furminator off eBay for Bulbul, and there couldn't have been a better tool!!

My old lady is so happy with this quaint little tool, I can't tell you. This removes the undercoat making the fur lighter and removing the hair that would have otherwise deposited themselves on TV, dressing table, PC, and a lot other places!!
I couldn't have been happier, and Bulbul loves it so much, she actually moves several angles just so that she may be brushed on all parts of her body!! My dog is such a diva I tell you!

Finished Finally!!!

Finally I am done with my afghan!!
It looks good, and I am confident to move on to something a little more advanced than single and double crochet!!!
Next in agenda, crochet flowers!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crochet Tutorials

I was thinking, I'll share with you some tutorials that I used to make the afghan. Instead of making yet another tutorial, I thought I'll link to the ones that I found the easiest so that if you ever decide to make something similar, you don't have to search for it, it's all here!!

  1. Granny square: Crochet Cabana. This is the easiest tutorial I found, you may decide to advance to a more complicated granny square, but this is good for a beginner. It doesn't overwhelms so one is not put off of crochet!
  2. Attaching squares: Carina's Craftblog. There are several ways to join granny squares, but I found this one looks the most seamless. Once the afghan is complete, it doesn't looks like it has been attached, but looks like one seamless piece.
  3. Scallop Edging: You Go Girl. This is made on a pillowcase, so one even learns how to crochet on fabric!! 
If ever any of these tutorials are taken offline, I'll make my own.... but till then, why reinvent the wheel. :)
And I am sorry for no pictures, you'll have to visit the respective blogs for pics...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have been busy

Well, I haven't blogged lately, and this is what I have been upto.
I am making an afghan, that's a fancy name for a shawl.... I know May seems to be a very good time to crochet a shawl, but with my IVF and this sad bed rest, there's nothing much I can do, so I figured, why not use up all the wool  I have been hoarding.
I have decided on an arrangement. I even learnt how to join the granny squares with crochet, and now I have to learn how to make scalloped edging, I think it'll look good.
However given its size, I am not sure how functional is it going to be. Well, what the h, I could use some of the stuff I have been hoarding, that counts for something doesn't it.

I am just about to finish it... Once I do, I'll post it online.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cross Stitch Freebies

I stumbled upon a blog that is a treasure trove of free cross stitch patterns:Freebie Gallery
I couldn't find my kind of peacock there though, but some really really kind people have volunteered to put links to awesome patterns and pieces that they have created. Well worth the visit!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today is my lucky day!!

Wow, I just mentioned that I want tabs and guess what, I found a way to have the tabs I wanted in the blog!! yay!!
They still don't look refined, but well, you'll have to excuse me. I am a beginner as far as blogging is concerned, and yes, as I have mentioned earlier, a louse and a sucker for quick fix solutions!!
I am going to work on these for sure, plus I have a blog picture coming up, as soon as I understand gimp a little better. Actually I am thinking of getting Adobe photoshop afterall... For any problem I face with gimp, I end up with a solution for the same problem in photoshop. hmm... tempting...
Lets see... Will keep you posted.

Three Column Blogger

I have been fascinated by the three column blogs and small problem, Blogger doesn't provide three column blogs and the free ones are absolutely no good.
The solution: Well, googling and, fidgeting around.
And since morning I have been wrecking havoc on the blog and trying to get a three column outlay that I like and in the process, I nearly destroyed whatever little content I have on the blog, and the layout looked ridiculous.
At 23:45, I had a light bulb moment, and fed the right search keywords to google, and I  found the best site EVER!!!
I could change my humble two column blog into a three column blog, and could even adjust the column width to my satisfaction!!
All this without learning a line of XML or understanding the HTML involved. I am louse I know... But hey I finally got a three column blog made all by myself, well, almost!!
Next goal, to find how to get tabs on the header, something blogger calls pages, but they don't really serve my purpose....

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here's what I made!!
I tried to make a biscornu as a scissors fob, unfortunately, it is light colored so I am not sure if I can use it as a sciccors fob.. lets see...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that you can buy stuff from anthropologie from right here in India and still pay in INR??
I can't tell you how much I love their creations!! but they cost a bomb!! And my husband gets bombs for free, courtesy 'fauj' :(
I mean I am not ready to shell out Rs. 5000 for a tunic I like. Although, if you look at Indian designer creations, their prices seems pretty cheap. I have seen a comparable Ritu Beri creation costing Rs. 15000, so that's a saving of  10000 bucks!!
But hell, if you can make it yourself why shell out so much when, they don't even have my size... I know sewing won't be as good, but I have got all the time in the world to give it a try... hmmm.... lets see....
And sorry, I can't show you any image here.... that's bad manners or worse, copyright infringement, or so the blogger says.

A kurta I made for myself.

I  didn't want to post this project as it shows how much weight I have put on since the last time.... :( But then I thought I must have some inspiration to reduce all the fat I have accumulated for the winter of life... After all, this is one of the big reasons why I started blogging again...
Anyway, the kurta itself is pretty basic, so that pic comes later... The neck I embroidered as I wanted it to look a little different from the rest of it.
I have used herringbone stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, split stitch, lazy daisy and a little weave I invented.
It looks prettier up close, promise... I have to master the art of taking pretty pictures...
I wanted a little splash of color on the kurta, what with lots of Kendriya Vidayalaya colors on it reminded me of school every time I looked at it...
So well, that's that.... I know I have gained A LOT of weight...
On second thought, I could've made the kurta a little slimmer, then I think wouldn't have looked like a sack of potatoes....probably...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Plastic Canvas

Okay, here something I have been meaning to do for a long long time.... Plastic Canvas!!!

I have't used any pattern here, just figured it out, but later found out that this is one of the most basic patterns in plastic canvas. Oh well!!

Cross Stitch

Okay, so here is another peacock.
I am out to have my peacock fix. I still have one more pattern to make. That I'll mostly make.
Also, I am looking for a pattern of a peacock with open feathers... can anyone help???

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cross Stitch

Look what I made, two days, around 3 hours. And this is only the first one in the series coming up!!
Watch this space.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My little babies

This is the first post where I talk about my mutts.
I have two dogs that mean the world to me.
Bulbul, she's 10, a pure breed Labrador, she's the most sensitive dog you'll ever meet, then there's Ginger, Ginie, she's 3.5 and Bulbul's Kid. She's the clown of the house.
Bulbul cam to me through my MIL, and Ginie just fell into my lap!
I have been training my dogs at home ever since I have had them. At least the bare minimum to make my life easier.
I have taught them not to eat from the table that helps me give them both food without them getting into my hair.
Here they are waiting for their food.

Both waiting for me to give them a cue to eat.

Here are the two mutts eating their dinner. Peacefully having it without getting into each other's hair or mine!!

Ta Da!!

Look what I found!!
Well, here in Delhi Air Force Station Subroto Park is a treasure trove called Sanchita, which is actually AFWWA's shop, they have such lovely stuff there and sometimes one may stumble upon priceless gems, like this sewing machine here. Guess how much I paid for it?? Rs. 155!! That's $3.5!!! And the plastic is also not that bad. I am not sure why I got it this cheap, but I just couldn't let the deal slip away. 
It is a lock stitch machine, which is another name for chain stitch. and has a safety lock for kids so that they may not have access to the needle while the machine is in use. I have reserved it to any of my cousins who is extra nice to me!! ;) The best kid gets this as a gift!! So all you have to do is, let me know why you should have it. And if your birthday is around the corner, well, the odds will then be tilted heavily in your favour!!:)
I am using this as a trial run for a giveaway. I don't know how many readers I have, and how many would appreciate a kiddie sewing machine, so I am restricting it to the kids I know, namely my cousins, whom I can coax into writing to me, or at least call me up and let me know if they are interested!! ;)

And here's what AJ bought me. Age 5+, so technically, it is my age group!! It's a cute set though! lots of lovely beads that may be used as buttons,which is perhaps what they'll be used as!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Few things I have made lately.

Okay, finally I get around taking pictures of the stuff I have been making. Here are a few of them:
This took me around 2 years to finish, not because it was that complicated, but because I just am too louse to finish what I start.... I AM NOT sure if I like it, or where I'll use it, but well, it is finally finished!!!

This little lady was finished in two days flat!! And I liked her a lot, and incredibly, I even had some use for her, and put her on a TV cover, but when the cover was relegated to some forgotten corner, I took her out so that I can use her somewhere. She's still looking for some appropriate place for herself... Any ideas?

Here are a few shadow work stuff I did. I haven't completely finished the entire piece yet, but I like the parts of it that are finished! :)

They are not perfect I know, but I kind of like them...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I know You Know

Okay I am not sure how many in India watch this unassuming comic detective on Star World.  But the man gets full marks from me. Psych is on Star World every night (Mon-Thu) 11:00 pm. That's late, but this detective - Shawn, played by James Roday, is the most irritating, and funny character I have ever seen on TV and believe me, I watch a lot of TV!!
If you ever get a chance to watch this comedy, you should !!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On a serious note...

A little girl in Unit is suffering from blood cancer. And she is merely 7 yrs of age.
I went to see her today, and had tears in my eyes.... She has boils all over her body and a swollen upper lip restricting her food and speech...
It's really sad to see such a little girl in so much pain. I feel sorry for the little girl and her mother...
Luckily army picks up the tab for all such treatments, else I don't how her parents would have coped with all the expenses....
Why do such things happen to people?

Look who's back!

It meee!!!
Well, MIL is now fine...
And no pictures... sorry... my camera died...
Anyway, here's what I'll be trying next::
A Salwar Suit!!
I have made a plenty but most are actually pretty crude, but my mom likes them, so she ends up with most of them, (okay I lied, actually she has all of them!).
I am currently working on a Lakhnavi kurta, which I have unpicked 15 times, after sewing it for 14!!I hope this time I'll get it right.
Somtimes I think a structured class would have been a better idea to learn sewing rather than unpicking old suit and figuring out how they were originally sewed.... I'll never know...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

No blogging for a long long time

After long talks and big promises, I disappeared for a long long time.
My mom in law had a terrible accident and is still recuperating, and me and AJ are here tending to her. Seems like we'll be here for a long time, atleast a month.
Net is erratic here, so I'll probably not be able to post...
But there's some good news as well!!
1. I have reduced a few inches, not sure about the weight though!!
2. The place is so beautiful!! and we get to go to the farm every single day, and Ginger is having a blast here!! I'll post her pics as soon as I get a respectable net speed.
Till then... Take care!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First try with GIMP

I am learning GIMP these days!! And my first project, my blog header! It is a work in progress, and my very first try so be gentle.
The header will change a little more, as and when I learn more about how to work with GIMP!! Yay!!

Struggling with Weight...

Well, there was a time when I used to look like this!!! This was before I was diagnosed with PCOD.

And now 6 years later, I have Turned into this...
I gained a lot of weight , lost a lot of hair, and more than that, lost confidence in myself. I gained a sense of humour though!! I guess that's the only saving grace here.
So now I have decided that I am going to lose some weight. Can't do anything about the age, and the graying hair, but sure can do something about my weight!!!
March is not exactly a resolutions' month, I mean, it is not the beginning of the year, nor is it my birth month, but I just feel like it. So here it is, I aim to lose at least 20 kgs, and 12 inches off my waist!! I'm going to keep a journal of this whole thing, ONLINE!!! so that it reminds me of keeping off the sweets and comfort eating I indulge in! I hope I succeed in it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Welcome Aboard!
Well, if you have come here via, my previous blog, this one is going to be a much better experience I promise you!!
My first blog was an experiment of sorts. I like making things, but that is not all I like. I felt restricted by its format and that really kept me from being very regular there.
But now, I am wiser, and filled with lots of stuff to share! Random stuff. Stuff that interests me, and I really hope you'll find something here that interests you too.
So, again, welcome aboard!!!