Monday, April 26, 2010

My little babies

This is the first post where I talk about my mutts.
I have two dogs that mean the world to me.
Bulbul, she's 10, a pure breed Labrador, she's the most sensitive dog you'll ever meet, then there's Ginger, Ginie, she's 3.5 and Bulbul's Kid. She's the clown of the house.
Bulbul cam to me through my MIL, and Ginie just fell into my lap!
I have been training my dogs at home ever since I have had them. At least the bare minimum to make my life easier.
I have taught them not to eat from the table that helps me give them both food without them getting into my hair.
Here they are waiting for their food.

Both waiting for me to give them a cue to eat.

Here are the two mutts eating their dinner. Peacefully having it without getting into each other's hair or mine!!

Ta Da!!

Look what I found!!
Well, here in Delhi Air Force Station Subroto Park is a treasure trove called Sanchita, which is actually AFWWA's shop, they have such lovely stuff there and sometimes one may stumble upon priceless gems, like this sewing machine here. Guess how much I paid for it?? Rs. 155!! That's $3.5!!! And the plastic is also not that bad. I am not sure why I got it this cheap, but I just couldn't let the deal slip away. 
It is a lock stitch machine, which is another name for chain stitch. and has a safety lock for kids so that they may not have access to the needle while the machine is in use. I have reserved it to any of my cousins who is extra nice to me!! ;) The best kid gets this as a gift!! So all you have to do is, let me know why you should have it. And if your birthday is around the corner, well, the odds will then be tilted heavily in your favour!!:)
I am using this as a trial run for a giveaway. I don't know how many readers I have, and how many would appreciate a kiddie sewing machine, so I am restricting it to the kids I know, namely my cousins, whom I can coax into writing to me, or at least call me up and let me know if they are interested!! ;)

And here's what AJ bought me. Age 5+, so technically, it is my age group!! It's a cute set though! lots of lovely beads that may be used as buttons,which is perhaps what they'll be used as!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Few things I have made lately.

Okay, finally I get around taking pictures of the stuff I have been making. Here are a few of them:
This took me around 2 years to finish, not because it was that complicated, but because I just am too louse to finish what I start.... I AM NOT sure if I like it, or where I'll use it, but well, it is finally finished!!!

This little lady was finished in two days flat!! And I liked her a lot, and incredibly, I even had some use for her, and put her on a TV cover, but when the cover was relegated to some forgotten corner, I took her out so that I can use her somewhere. She's still looking for some appropriate place for herself... Any ideas?

Here are a few shadow work stuff I did. I haven't completely finished the entire piece yet, but I like the parts of it that are finished! :)

They are not perfect I know, but I kind of like them...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I know You Know

Okay I am not sure how many in India watch this unassuming comic detective on Star World.  But the man gets full marks from me. Psych is on Star World every night (Mon-Thu) 11:00 pm. That's late, but this detective - Shawn, played by James Roday, is the most irritating, and funny character I have ever seen on TV and believe me, I watch a lot of TV!!
If you ever get a chance to watch this comedy, you should !!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On a serious note...

A little girl in Unit is suffering from blood cancer. And she is merely 7 yrs of age.
I went to see her today, and had tears in my eyes.... She has boils all over her body and a swollen upper lip restricting her food and speech...
It's really sad to see such a little girl in so much pain. I feel sorry for the little girl and her mother...
Luckily army picks up the tab for all such treatments, else I don't how her parents would have coped with all the expenses....
Why do such things happen to people?

Look who's back!

It meee!!!
Well, MIL is now fine...
And no pictures... sorry... my camera died...
Anyway, here's what I'll be trying next::
A Salwar Suit!!
I have made a plenty but most are actually pretty crude, but my mom likes them, so she ends up with most of them, (okay I lied, actually she has all of them!).
I am currently working on a Lakhnavi kurta, which I have unpicked 15 times, after sewing it for 14!!I hope this time I'll get it right.
Somtimes I think a structured class would have been a better idea to learn sewing rather than unpicking old suit and figuring out how they were originally sewed.... I'll never know...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

No blogging for a long long time

After long talks and big promises, I disappeared for a long long time.
My mom in law had a terrible accident and is still recuperating, and me and AJ are here tending to her. Seems like we'll be here for a long time, atleast a month.
Net is erratic here, so I'll probably not be able to post...
But there's some good news as well!!
1. I have reduced a few inches, not sure about the weight though!!
2. The place is so beautiful!! and we get to go to the farm every single day, and Ginger is having a blast here!! I'll post her pics as soon as I get a respectable net speed.
Till then... Take care!