Monday, June 7, 2010

My two minutes of fame!!

Well, I want to share with you this pic. I have been a member since 2007 and this is my first 'hot' project. Yay!!
Correction, make that 15 minutes of fame!! yay!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We bought the furminator off eBay for Bulbul, and there couldn't have been a better tool!!

My old lady is so happy with this quaint little tool, I can't tell you. This removes the undercoat making the fur lighter and removing the hair that would have otherwise deposited themselves on TV, dressing table, PC, and a lot other places!!
I couldn't have been happier, and Bulbul loves it so much, she actually moves several angles just so that she may be brushed on all parts of her body!! My dog is such a diva I tell you!

Finished Finally!!!

Finally I am done with my afghan!!
It looks good, and I am confident to move on to something a little more advanced than single and double crochet!!!
Next in agenda, crochet flowers!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crochet Tutorials

I was thinking, I'll share with you some tutorials that I used to make the afghan. Instead of making yet another tutorial, I thought I'll link to the ones that I found the easiest so that if you ever decide to make something similar, you don't have to search for it, it's all here!!

  1. Granny square: Crochet Cabana. This is the easiest tutorial I found, you may decide to advance to a more complicated granny square, but this is good for a beginner. It doesn't overwhelms so one is not put off of crochet!
  2. Attaching squares: Carina's Craftblog. There are several ways to join granny squares, but I found this one looks the most seamless. Once the afghan is complete, it doesn't looks like it has been attached, but looks like one seamless piece.
  3. Scallop Edging: You Go Girl. This is made on a pillowcase, so one even learns how to crochet on fabric!! 
If ever any of these tutorials are taken offline, I'll make my own.... but till then, why reinvent the wheel. :)
And I am sorry for no pictures, you'll have to visit the respective blogs for pics...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have been busy

Well, I haven't blogged lately, and this is what I have been upto.
I am making an afghan, that's a fancy name for a shawl.... I know May seems to be a very good time to crochet a shawl, but with my IVF and this sad bed rest, there's nothing much I can do, so I figured, why not use up all the wool  I have been hoarding.
I have decided on an arrangement. I even learnt how to join the granny squares with crochet, and now I have to learn how to make scalloped edging, I think it'll look good.
However given its size, I am not sure how functional is it going to be. Well, what the h, I could use some of the stuff I have been hoarding, that counts for something doesn't it.

I am just about to finish it... Once I do, I'll post it online.