Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year

Here's wishing you a very very happy new year.
The TV is predicting a bright future, the girls point to a more hectic one, and I am as confused as I am every time, this time of the year.
As always, I tried making resolutions, and broke them on day one. Losing weight features right on top of that list. Ah, well, I guess I should make peace with my weight now, hmmm.....
Another resolutions I made this year and broke it today itself was to be a little more organised. O Fly lady, help help!!
And one resolution I am hoping to stick to is to make at least one blog entry a week... So, here it is, another week another entry.
The girls are sleeping peacefully, and the common sense says I should sleep too, but hey, who follows common sense right?

When I saw Bisal's comment, I did look back at the year bygone. It's been just so busy... Still there were some highlights that I really really want to share with my girls, if ever they come across ma's blog...
1. I was blessed last year, not just by the two little angels, but by my parents... I haven't really been the been the best daughter, so the fact that my parents were there with me all through my pregnancy was a miracle of sorts. And just like every other child, I feel blessed to have the set of parents I do. I don't know if my kids will ever feel the same about me, but I sure do.
2. I realised the mortality of life of loved ones, and how we only have so much time with them. My parents met with an accident, and I came to know about it in the worst possible way, via a police havaldar at the accident site. And I have never felt more helpless. I couldn't be with my parents, my kids needed me, and my parents have never required their kids to be around more... They are well on their way to recovery now. I will try to be the daughter they wanted. I just hope it's not too late.
3. I realised it doesn't matter what your qualifications are. Projection is the name of the game and being a queen of small talk will take me farther than any education could ever take me. I don't know if I want that though....
4. More than anything, I realised I have more patience than I ever imagined I'd possess... The girls push my buttons quite frequently, but the life goes on. I have a new motto now - 'This too shall pass'. SO whenever I have two girls crying their hearts out, there are no clean bottles and I haven't brushed my teeth since morning, I try and look at the positives of the situation, however minute they may be. And the meltdown passes away, and the girls smile again, get clean bottles and I get to not only brush my teeth, but sometimes even have a bath! Five years down the line, I'll not believe myself that I raised two infants all on my own!!! With lots of help from DH, my ma' and several random people who just make my life a little easier out of pity of the mother of twins, but well, I'll take it. Pity me as much as you want world, just give me some semblance of sanity and control, and I'll take it.

Hope everyone had highlights this past year. Trough is just crest upside down, low points in life precede exponential growth....
God bless...

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Bisal Singh Nayal said...

Wish you a very happy New Year and I dont hope But I am pretty sure your girls are gonna be like you. Tough as diamond, yet catches everybody's eyes :)..But we would also like you to jot down sir's experience as father,I mean when suddenly you were busy with some thing, the girls diapers needed to be change and sir was confused "ab kya karun..???" and in confusion he just shouts.. "Neetika.. Neetika the girls are crying and I dont know how to change the diaper :)" HELP.. HELP..
What about our darling ginger..!! what were her reactions on seeing the two beautiful ladies...!! I mean dogs really like kids I guess, my bhaanji priyanshi, which is around 2 years just plays with Ronnie like he is a small kid, Ronnie is our german shepherd, she is not afraid of him AT ALL...!!

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