Friday, January 13, 2012

Girlies turned one... finally!!!

The girls celebrated their birthday this past tuesday, and i spent 15 days prior to the d day preparing for the event and the next 3 days clearing up the mess we made in the house!!

And since we had decided to donated most of the money we had budgeted for their birthday, perforce we had to do a lot of things ourselves, to save some and and still have the party in style. I think we did alright.

I made this banner for the girls

And this foto banner for the girls

And although the idea was mine, I can't take the credit for making this pinata. It was made by two very talented jawans whom OC1 sa'ab ordered to help memsa'ab...
Long live the organisation!!

I also made these chain links

Well, I even made the invitations, but as usual, I forgot to click pictures before I gave them away, so all I have of those little envelopes are little memories, but yes, I sure can share with you what was written on those cards....

I like what I came up with, with a little help from internet baba of course.

I even made two hearts garlands and tissue paper flowers for a photobooth which we eventually had to shelve due to lack for time, but instead OC1 sa'ab cleverly got a great pic of everybody!!

In addition, OC1 sa'ab was also the eats incharge, so we got great mocktails that even girlies enjoyed, and pretty good eats spread. I even noticed him choosing glasses to serve mocktails in, but well, if he wrote a blog you'd have read all about it.. :)

Well, needless to say we had lots of fun, and the girls enjoyed a lot. They even got a buggy as a gift!

:) had a great past year with you girlies....

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