Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have been busy

Well, I haven't blogged lately, and this is what I have been upto.
I am making an afghan, that's a fancy name for a shawl.... I know May seems to be a very good time to crochet a shawl, but with my IVF and this sad bed rest, there's nothing much I can do, so I figured, why not use up all the wool  I have been hoarding.
I have decided on an arrangement. I even learnt how to join the granny squares with crochet, and now I have to learn how to make scalloped edging, I think it'll look good.
However given its size, I am not sure how functional is it going to be. Well, what the h, I could use some of the stuff I have been hoarding, that counts for something doesn't it.

I am just about to finish it... Once I do, I'll post it online.


Rach said...

Congrats Neetika :) Wishing u all the best for the coming months. Hope you get all the good rest now. Its good to know that you are using up all your wool :) Great idea to spend time. Take care. This one looks so pretty :) Take care

Rach said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked my recipes :) Well, you can try all of them later. as of now, do take all the good rest and enjoy all the extra royal treatment that u may be getting from your family and frenz( specially from your hubby). Take care of your health. Prayers and love

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