Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Column Blogger

I have been fascinated by the three column blogs and small problem, Blogger doesn't provide three column blogs and the free ones are absolutely no good.
The solution: Well, googling and, fidgeting around.
And since morning I have been wrecking havoc on the blog and trying to get a three column outlay that I like and in the process, I nearly destroyed whatever little content I have on the blog, and the layout looked ridiculous.
At 23:45, I had a light bulb moment, and fed the right search keywords to google, and I  found the best site EVER!!!
I could change my humble two column blog into a three column blog, and could even adjust the column width to my satisfaction!!
All this without learning a line of XML or understanding the HTML involved. I am louse I know... But hey I finally got a three column blog made all by myself, well, almost!!
Next goal, to find how to get tabs on the header, something blogger calls pages, but they don't really serve my purpose....

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