Monday, April 26, 2010

Ta Da!!

Look what I found!!
Well, here in Delhi Air Force Station Subroto Park is a treasure trove called Sanchita, which is actually AFWWA's shop, they have such lovely stuff there and sometimes one may stumble upon priceless gems, like this sewing machine here. Guess how much I paid for it?? Rs. 155!! That's $3.5!!! And the plastic is also not that bad. I am not sure why I got it this cheap, but I just couldn't let the deal slip away. 
It is a lock stitch machine, which is another name for chain stitch. and has a safety lock for kids so that they may not have access to the needle while the machine is in use. I have reserved it to any of my cousins who is extra nice to me!! ;) The best kid gets this as a gift!! So all you have to do is, let me know why you should have it. And if your birthday is around the corner, well, the odds will then be tilted heavily in your favour!!:)
I am using this as a trial run for a giveaway. I don't know how many readers I have, and how many would appreciate a kiddie sewing machine, so I am restricting it to the kids I know, namely my cousins, whom I can coax into writing to me, or at least call me up and let me know if they are interested!! ;)

And here's what AJ bought me. Age 5+, so technically, it is my age group!! It's a cute set though! lots of lovely beads that may be used as buttons,which is perhaps what they'll be used as!

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