Monday, April 26, 2010

My little babies

This is the first post where I talk about my mutts.
I have two dogs that mean the world to me.
Bulbul, she's 10, a pure breed Labrador, she's the most sensitive dog you'll ever meet, then there's Ginger, Ginie, she's 3.5 and Bulbul's Kid. She's the clown of the house.
Bulbul cam to me through my MIL, and Ginie just fell into my lap!
I have been training my dogs at home ever since I have had them. At least the bare minimum to make my life easier.
I have taught them not to eat from the table that helps me give them both food without them getting into my hair.
Here they are waiting for their food.

Both waiting for me to give them a cue to eat.

Here are the two mutts eating their dinner. Peacefully having it without getting into each other's hair or mine!!


Rach said...

Hey, guess wat??? One of my family frenz had dogs named GINGER and garlic. Now they have a dog which they call as diego. That aunt loves the dog so much, when my hubby asked for it, she was tellin you take my son ( who is of our age group), I'll give him, not my diego :) And my hubby just couldn't stop laughing :D. Looks like you care and love them a lot :)

Neetika said...

Wow!! In fact I think I would do the same. Once you have dogs, it is very difficult to love humans, their love is so unconditional and pure.

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