Monday, April 19, 2010

I know You Know

Okay I am not sure how many in India watch this unassuming comic detective on Star World.  But the man gets full marks from me. Psych is on Star World every night (Mon-Thu) 11:00 pm. That's late, but this detective - Shawn, played by James Roday, is the most irritating, and funny character I have ever seen on TV and believe me, I watch a lot of TV!!
If you ever get a chance to watch this comedy, you should !!!


viplav said...

hey..i have been currently following Two and half men..d/l
will chk this one tooo

Neetika said...

Okay, sir Two and a Half men, you and I can't watch together, but Psych we can. And that's the difference.
PS: Me and AJ too watch 2.5 men, regularly!!

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